Snow as white as the thickest creamLike living in the clouds of a dreamSlowly coming out from my denSnuggled at home, that's where I've beenSnowflakes falling from the skyRiding the wind, they float and fly Snow as white as a coconut's insideMany plants have withered and diedIcicles dangling like long, clear teethBlanketed by the ice, the dirt lies beneathNaked trees covered by the frostWith the endless snow, one can get lost Snow as white as vanilla ice creamSmothering a frozen streamA breeze blows snow, so soft and gentleA short blizzard rages, so swift and hostileA lifeless place, no bird or leafA constant winter with no relief Snow as white as pure sugarThe weather can be so vulgarTail being dragged, ears droopingA struggle to surviveTo find a way to stay alive Snow as white as the cleanest woolThe winter winds are really cruelMy yellow eyes spot a hareA glimmer of hope, I prepareTo chase my meal all the wayA lone fox hunting its prey.

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Our world
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