Smoke and Mirrors

"America the Great," we once were called

the world stared at us with hope and amazement 



they thought we might be a change to the world 

for the better

they read our documents, 

heard our speaches,

and were fooled

then "boom" the mirrors fell and the smoke cleared

when everything settled some saw us for what we are

while others covered there eyes and continued to believe a lie

it's easier to believe a fairytale

to those who chose knowledge

we are nothing more than a idea,

a plan

nothing more than a dream

our great country that is supposed to stand for equality is nothing more than a child-like dream

the reality of our country is far from that dream

our country is hate filled




and ruled by the highest bidder

we no longer are a safe haven for anyone

the truth is...we never were

This poem is about: 
My country


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