Smile for Society


I wake up, roll over and sigh,

I don’t even want to think about all society’s rules that I have to abide by.  

Brush my hair, do my makeup and don’t eat,

I walk into school as I drag my feet.  

Just another day in paradise,

If your paradise is filled with parasites,

Laughing and mocking you because of your cellulite.  

They are eating away at your imaginary self esteem,

Things aren’t always as easy as they seem.  


Walking through the halls, I keep my head down,

Everyone is wearing their fake smiles, they are too scared to frown,

Because when you frown people feel the need to tear you down,

Further and further into the ground,

Until you’re too deep, water surrounds,

There is no air for you, just give up and drown.


But we can’t give in,

And we can’t be knocked down just like a bowling pin.

That’s what they want,

We need to rip off the masks and stop putting up a front.

For most people that’s an arduous task,

Be confident and rip off that mask.

Stop worrying about how people perceive you,

Be who you really are, people’s thinking is rather askew.

Whether you’re tall, short, skinny or fat,

Hold your head up high and smile at

All the people who are trying to tear you down,

Be who you want want to be,

Please don’t flee,

Hold your head high,

And be who you want to be.  



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