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They say a fake smile can hide a million tears
But that's not true
It all comes out at some point
The tears build up
And up
and up
Until your body loses control
You collapse and release
And Nothing can stop it

You begin to wonder why
you hide behind a smile

Is it so everyone else
thinks your happy

Or Is it because you want yourself
to believe your happy

They say it's all in your head
You can change all on your own
But then why is it so hard

I want to change

But I can't

You're the reason
I can't sleep at night
The smile fades as the tears fall
And you're all I think about

If only time could turn back
I'd have one last chance
To change everything
And finally be happy

But it's not possible
And for now all I can do
Is give out a fake smile
And think about you


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