Smeared Make-Up

You can hide behind makeup
But that doesn’t mean you’re a woman
Your mind is engulfed 
With subjects that your mouth shouldn’t speak about
You find joy in opening your legs
But you should be shutting your mouth
And even though you think that having his baby is cute
That makes him less of a man
And you even less of a woman
I can still picture you when you were younger
Your coos as a baby has turned into cries of help as a teenager
And as much as I try to sooth you
Nothing seems to work
The sweet lactate from your mother’s tits
Has turned into cum running from your lips
Spit child.
But you don’t. You swallow
And as the cum runs down your throat
So does your pain, hurt, neglect
Cause even if you were a woman
You have to realize that all men think about is sex
Your mind is still young
And your heart is still weak
And when he tells you that he wants to have sex
You shouldn’t find that sweet
Young lady.
Young woman.
Young mother. Lost years.
That make-up will never smear.


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