Slightly More Wrinkly

Tue, 01/10/2017 - 19:51 -- mwai

The wrinkles in my brain

Deepened from encountering challenging worldviews and processing biological texts.

The wrinkles around the cusps of my eyes

Branched further from seeing awesome blazing sunsets along the pacific coast.

The wrinkles in the pages of my life

Complexed after graduating and leaving many friends behind to transition to adulthood.

The wrinkles that cut across the front of my shoe

Creased even more as I strived to get into even better physical shape.

The wrinkles running through my palms

Roughened from climbing rocks and mountains.

The wrinkles along the cusps of my mouth

Grew wider from the unforgettable times I shared with my family and friends.

My life, just slightly more wrinkly.

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