Tryna sleepless but alas I'm sleepless feeling useless like Justus.
Fruitless be my efforts to care less because I'm not care less.
Lately I've been feeling as if there's unknowns excrement i haven't excreted yet.
I just keep that shit in my chest try never to vent unless it's a source of an outlet.
To the youth please don't ever get in debt.
You'll be buying things with the devils bread.
Don't let it be in vane when angels bled
Covered in dread not the judge justice has its own balance.
Searching through life rhyming became my talent.
It was a way for me to unload and decode my baggage
Some may say I'm talented
But I wouldn't blow my own trumpet
Mix matched like my couch and carpet
Abstract acrobat doing backflips on a make shift mattress
Fact facing factious needed go for new credit
For foreseeing fortunate malice
I need to cleanse my pallet
Not a pallet of paint though the strokes immaculate
Emancipated and not gracious
My mind is spacious
Always on an other wave length
Sometimes elated hardly ever fragrant to those who don't deserve elegance.

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