Sleeping Beauty's Seemingly Never-ending Nightmare

Life was good before


A fulfilling life of peace and happiness

It was assured.


Nothing good can last

Just as the curiosity killed the cat

A good-natured act, became my last


A hundred-year slumber

 is a torture without number

Few could imagine the boredom

Time beats mind, a beast down-trodden


Without day and night

Darkness ruled with might

Accompanied with only fantasies of the past

And the future that never came to pass




How long has it been

Who the hell knows

Think I’ve lost my mind


And god that itch on my nose!

The desperate state of affairs I am in.


If suicide were an option

I think by now it’d have happened

Tad bit extreme I know

But that’s what happens when you lose hope

Maybe one day this torture would end

But as each “day” goes by (time seems irrelevant)

I continue to say: hello darkness my old friend.




That last line. XD Nice. 

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