Sleep-filled Eyes

Here, I sit

In this dark and crowded enclosure

Where I was carelessly placed,

Haphazardly washed and returned

Only to be used again.


I am treated with such harshness

Until the morning comes,

And the sun is slicing through the curtains,

Heading straight towards your achy, sleep-filled eyes

It is then that you cling to me.


Suddenly, I am filled with warmth.

Sloshing around within me is the essence of which you desire.

A remedy and a poison in each swallow.


With each kiss you give me

Your eyes open a bit wider,

Your brain buzzing

And finally capable

Of articulating the thoughts you missed so much.


When your eyes are finally bright

With the radiance that I’ve come to know so well,

The radiance that can only be delivered by me.

My heart grows leaden at the thought

Of returning to the gloomy, dejected cabinet in which I rest.


I cling to the thought of a million tomorrows

Of bringing the light into your eyes,

And spreading clarity throughout your lead-laden mind.


Every morning.


Again .


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