The beast is inside, the opposite path marking his deadly ascent

                    All I could feel now at this moment is the raging fury I feel upon seeing the bones of those who failed before me

                          I want to avenge  them, show that cowardly beast that I'm much stronger, much more of a threat then they ever were

                                   I take three steps and begin to walk upon the opposite path   

                                 I stand by the entrance to the beast's liar and wait for his appearance

                                    I am not disappointed by the beast's arrival merely a few minutes later

                                       Rather, I am shocked by the discovery that the beast was female

                                        I bowed and said "Let the winner take their spoils" before we fought

                                         It was long and bloody but eventually, I emerged victorious with gold and silver in bags in my hands

                   The person who said that being a beast slayer was a waste of time had probably never seen one with their own eyes                                     



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