Slam Poem 4

You're screaming and you're crying
and laying on your back in this hospital bed and and then you hear it 

The cry of your beautiful baby and its got a head of curls and rosey cheeks and eyes like you and you hold it and you say how you'll never let it go and the doctors take it away and you're ready and you're waiting and they bring it back and you're a parent and you're smiling

In a year you're kid will have a birthday and you'll over do a cake and hold them every chance you get. Airplane them on your feet and throw them in the air; anything for that laughter of I don't care and you'll cry at night because you're baby is so beautiful 

Its been 10 years and your baby is 11 you've created a bond mother and son. Father and daughter. Father and son. Mother and daughter. And you hold your child dear to your heart you tell them you're here now have been from the start and they are different sometimes
But never 
And you hide them from the impurities of the world and you hold them again to your chest and they cry and you rub their back. 

Its been 6 years and you're baby is growing. Adolescents in a hate infested world and these are the times that matter and the times they blossom you show them more and more of your world. Heaven above and hell below and how every second is a second of their own. 

Then one day you're baby comes home. Eyes black almost like stone. That I don't care laugh is a millennium ago and you hold them to your chest and you tell them its okay and to not cry 

This is a phase some sort of game this isn't real and there is no way that its okay to cry because soon it will be over, they'll be normal and the different will be gone and they stop crying and you hold their hand but never have you been so far away and they go to their room and you know they are praying because its quiet and and they will be better in the morning.

But what your baby didn't say:
Is they are in love and it's with the same sex. They were scared to tell you they know your life is already a wreck and they want you to hold them close tell them its okay to love and its okay to feel not that this is some phase, some game, these cards weren't handed out this isn't a choice. They didn't wake up and decide they were born without the decision and every second that you don't care they do and they will and they want to share with you the love they have found and you shut them out what gives you the right? 

It's been 3 years and you're never home. You cry at night because your baby is still playing games and you don't want to lose them to hell. But what you don't know is you've lost them. They're gone. Hatred and anger and disgust filled that innocent heart and you could have done something you could have saw 

You're screaming and you're crying and on your knees by this hospital bed and then you hear it 
The steady buzz of the heart monitor and just like that your baby is gone 

So parents. Open your eyes. Just like that your baby can die. Should who they love really mean so much? The fact that they love should be good enough. In a world so sick and so mean at least your baby has found something to live for and that means more then anything in this world and now they'll never know how it feels at the alter or how it feels to grow old because hate is a culture norm and we aren't ready to change. But stand up take a stand there's so much you can do that doesn't involve your hands; speak up dont wait your turn, in a world like this we have to stand for our own. so raise your voice raise your hands, stand side by side and make a change because it's okay to not be the same and it's okay to be different. It starts with you and it ends with you so speak up


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