Slam Behind the Curtain

Slam behind the curtain

What I don't want others to see;

Slam behind the curtain

The real and true me.


I'll be sweet and kind,

Gentle and true;

Only God

Can see the real you.


So slam behind the curtain

What I wish to hide;

But some day soon

I'll be crushed by my pride.


Hide my life story

Place my book out of reach;

I'll feed on others' friendships

Like a bloodsucking leech.


Slam behind the curtain

All my secrets and lies;

Don't tell others

Until to Heaven I rise.


Hurt others in my wake

And let trust die;

That's what will happen

If I give in to pride.


Don't slam behind the curtain

My true self;

Leave the curtain open

Take my life off the shelf.


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