Skype Calls at 1:15 PM

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 23:24 -- RChaha

I had never had a best friend

I couldn't ever understand the concept

friends that were the "best"

were the ones that left

and that was something I just..couldn't.


So I let go of the thought

I let go of the want

And never tried again


Yet, there you came

with a blinding smile

and effervescent glow

and knowledge of a girl that was broken


You took that name,

like we were one and the same

and carried it like your token.


So now, this boy is my solace

with miles and miles and miles

that keeps us apart.

And it is Skype calls at 1:15pm

on Friday afternoons

that quiets my melancholy heart.

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My community



Oh. Pretty, pretty, pretty. And I wish it for myself.

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