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She walks into the store.
Credit with no limit to buy things she can't a ford
What she drives to get there so she can cover up her core.
Parents give her this money in hopes that she can cover more
But it lands her in beds underneath in forsaken men like what are covers for.
As she looks through racks
To spend racks on top of racks
Not realizing that the fact still remains clothes is what she lacks.
She’s naked.
Soul momentarily displaced and
Drawn out eye shadow which only leads to erase and a body with no soul is unclothed so men chase but she wears what she wears
With perfume over stairs so to a nose she’s complacent
She's naked
But how could this be
35 dollars spent on a baby doll tee.
Which covers up right about to a baby dolls knee but it makes sense because it’s taught since birth that ken is all that a baby doll needs.
She’s naked.
She lets her body define , as she sits in the car and has the seat decline he removes the material that's made to divide , you call it clothes but how can u decide to call it clothes if it leaves nothing to be disguised and what was under could be seen before it was deprived.
She’s naked.
America , that's our daughter and she's naked.

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