Unblemished, pure, soft

Rubs against the soft touch of new life

Undamaged, forgiving and at peace 


Scrapes and bruises 

Healed by grace and care 

The sting of imperfection is felt for the first time 


The first cut 

The first sting of hate 

Animosity and greed 


Punches and kicks 

Resentment and jealousy 

Division of one


Status and betrayal

Wounds and hurt 

Weapons used against a once whole body


Hope for a better future

Regeneration and love 

Cuts, bruises, scars, punches, kicks will all heal





This poem is about: 
Our world
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This poem is about our world and us as a people. As we were once created out of perfection, time has slowly begun to divide and hurt who we truly are, beings of love, forgiveness, and peace. Although our world today is wounded and hurt, there is so much hope for a bright future in which we will heal and come together once again. 

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