The Skin

My skin feels so clear
so special so willing to feelings that may occur;
it was a lie to hear that my skin needed you,
a love,for I know that your time was not but I knew that my soul has skin and i confirmed it when it was no longer addicted to your touch
that touch that feeling when i just watched you.
My skin full of existence does exist
is the one that gives everything so I do have just a smile, but not persuasive, is the one that it is real.
My gaze is contained of what is skin,
sleep in the atmosphere of existence
does not make me like the others,
and the clean is what emanates from the happiness of my feelings,
I know I'll be fine though a strange being has been felt strange.
My skin smoother which actually feels,
which contains fine fragrances,
which makes you feel addicted,
which will not change for a physical skin,
which does not have contests to love,
who feels only a skin that intoxicates you with a true self, which gives control to the feelings that you still contained in the course of the blood of my soul.

The one which I would give anything for you if you died, which would fill you with true feel the pulse of every existence,
which will change the feel,
the material that hurts inside you.
which have suffered or concerns that bother you a bit, and the truth for me the skin does not mean my physical, is what gives everything for you,
the sheet so important paper on which I write my own life,the skin of my soul,
which does not break or have wounds for loving you.


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