Size Ten(Great Gatsby Poem)

Behind these Tattered rags beats the heart of lover

but tragic fate has separated us because of another

I was a brother in arms

who had fallen under charms

But uncle Sam's call was too loud to ignore

Time passed and she believed I had gone through deaths door

I was a boy in a man's body

robbed of my youth and young love

I returned and became love sick

I'm sick of love because the word doesn't stick!

She says she loves us both but that is not what love is

My love is selfish

It's the last pair of new loafers in the shoe shop

you fight for it and you bite and grab

but the loafers just look on

I protected the loafers hoping they would see my honesty

and provide me a discount

I took the blame for crimes I did not commit

and defended those loafers

and loafed about in penny boots until I pulled the trigger

on an innocent coupon clipper

And when I returned after doing everything for those loafers

They were no longer my size!

I was now ineligible for my prize

Now all I can do while I rot in the pen

Is wonder why those loafers had to be size ten.


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