Being the oldest,

Of all three,

You took charge,




Material Support,

Yet not,

Emotional Legacy.


Tells me,

You are suffering,


Maybe Anxiety.


Not really know yourself,

Given too much away,

For others,

Service, Sacfrice, and Despondency.


Rarely talk of own needs,

Always speaking,

Other members,

Many branched tree.


Shut everyone off from the world,

Emotional pain,

You didn't, couldn't

Want to see.


Both our parents let us down,

Intellectual understanding, 

Emotional acceptance is something else,

I don't think you are ready. 


Detached from the world,

Not meeting own needs,

Driven, Working,



Two angels given to you from above,

No need for a man,

Now you are,



Help out,

If allowed,

Support is incredulous,

To thee.


Watching helpless from the sidelines,



Is very upsetting, to me. 


Time went by,

You still chose,

To ignore,

What you want and see. 



Running around,

Children, holiday's

Earning your bread, daily. 


Not listening,

No Advice,

Slow down,

Going to drop dead.


Then one day,

Tragedy struck,

The Big 'C',

Shock, fuck, why me?


Treatment being instense,

Daily Radiotherapy,

Sporadic bursts,



You went ahead,

Faced full on,




At times,



Still you never complained about 'me'. 



Is out there,

Another few months,

Fingers crossed, one more scan, hopefully.


Coping the best way you can,

Head down,

Move forward,

Albeit slowly.


Just want you to know,

You are my sister,

Always been there,

Perhaps my time for thee.


You don't need,

Face alone,

I can be there,

If you need me. 


Time waits for no-one,

Sincerely wish,

Meet someone and enjoy life,

You deserve this, wholeheartedly.


Words not spoken,

In our family,

Silence, stiff upper lip,

Seems we were raised to be.


Just want you to know,

I love you,

Your my big sister,

Anything you need, just tell me. 


Life is challenging enough,

Don't give up,

Don't go it alone,

Please learn to bow down, gracefully.


We all hurt,

We're just human,

You can't,

Carry on mechanically.

















This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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