The Sirens Curse


The Sirens Curse



Deep in the depths of the ocean

Gorgeous goddess’ of the sea lie

Although their looks are those to

Envy, within their hearts lays a


Sight no man should ever behold

You see, mermaids are very narcissistic

Creatures, because of their vain nature

They tend to care more about themselves


With a mermaid there is always a price 

Unfortunately for Marin, she was not aware…

Marin stares in envy at the beauties that pass by

She longs for their radiant blue eyes and hair of


Honey, the salty sea air fills her nostrils, her slightly

Chipped nails absent-mindedly tap at the worse for ware

Cruise dining table, the drone of the cruise director fills her 

Ears, snippets of nearby conversations float by


Laughter, merriment, terrified screams, silence

Flashes of water, lipstick, two day old caviar, a

Childs toy, consumed by the sea. “Is she dead?”

The mermaid whispers, gazing at the unusual sight


She pokes at the woman’s crimson cheek, a moan

Of pain tumbles from the woman’s lips, grains of

Sand, clumps of mousy brown hair clang to her ashen

Face, she struggles to open her eyes, head ablaze, her


Body throbs with pain. “You’re alive?” the mermaid 

Questions. Marin nods, at least she tries, Marin groans 

“Help…”  “Help a human?” is all that she hears before

Her world fades to black. Marin stirs, her head swims


With various images, one of a mermaid, although that

Must’ve been a dream. “This is no dream” the mermaid

Answers. Marin opens her eyes, shock consumes her

Body, a fish swims past her head. “I can’t be!”


The mermaid rolls her eyes, exasperated by the slow human

“I can’t be here, I must go, please-”  “Go?” The mermaid bursts

Into laughter, “You cannot go do you not see what you are?”

Marin peers down, where there were legs is now a tail. “Why?” she pleads.


“Simple” the mermaid responds. “I went out of my way

To help you and wasted my precious time,

I’ve decided to make you my 

Slave and you have to be a mermaid to do it.”  

Marin let out a bitter laugh, Impossible, insane! 

She peered at her surroundings, an amazing sight caught


Her eyes, it was her, a mermaid,

gone was the mousy brown hair and drab brown eyes, what was there…

“Is that truly me?” She was beautiful, gorgeous even, 

With hair of honey and eyes that shined,

“You’re correct, I couldn’t have an  Ugly slave, now could I?

Anyway I’d like my hair brushed my food made…”

Marin ignored her words; a bitter smile crept on her face



Brooklyn Lee




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