The Siren's Call


The Siren calls us every morn,
We long for her upon our lip.
Without her song we are forlorn--
She's more alluring with every sip.
When she is held in hand by another,
Our envy is as green as her seas.
Although, she is a toxic lover--
We cannot help but fall to our knees.
I am not a lone soul in my thirst.
For those who've had a taste--
By her call, we all are cursed.
For her, we seek with haste.
Like a star to which our eye be drawn,
She is all that we can think.
Like a buck, greater than fawn--
She is the superior drink. 
Once you have received her kiss,
I bid you luck to try and resist.
Every morn I can't help but fall
To the Starbuck Siren call. 


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