A Siren’s Poison

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 17:24 -- cece745


Hold me as if it’s the last thing you’ll do.

Kiss me as if I’m your life force.

Tell me you love as if those words will resurrect me, for I do not know when I will see you next.

Leave me as if I'm poison, curse me as if wanting me was a sin.

Kill me as if I withheld your freedom, for I can not bear to see you leave.

Tell me this is the end.

Watch me wither in pain then kiss me and say you’ll always have my heart.

For I can not stand not having one.

Tell me you’ll see me again, just so that I do not cry again.

Hold me and say I will always be with you.

Kiss me and say there is poison on your lips.

That I will die with this kiss.

Leave me for my death awaits and my soul will dissipate and my love for you lives on.

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