A Siren’s Addiction (part 2)

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 17:25 -- cece745

Lips touch, hands roam; bodies close

It’s a dream, a dream of you and me.

Close, loving, sensual

I need this

It’s a eulophia of feeling that brings me to life

Kiss me, hold me, caress me, make me feel you

Let us become one

Make me your drug

One that you must have or you’d die

Become addicted because as you exhale,

I’m your inhale

Make this feeling between us both last forever

Make me, the drug, to depend on you the drugee

Kiss me, touch me, caress me

For I give you life and a purpose

I give you hope and determination

We are both addicted

Come and use me, love me,

Die knowing that I was the last one giving you joy

Die knowing that I am your life

Kiss me, caress me for your final inhale and I your last exhale.

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