Sink Sitting

There’s nothing quite like sitting on a row of bathroom sinks with a new found friend. 12:33 a.m. is a pretty great time to try it out. It’s quiet, save for the humming from whatever machines that serenade the empty corridors. The rhythmic pitter-patter of your friend’s hands adds to the noise whiter than the porcelain toilets.

The silent drip-drip of the leaky sink accompanied with the not-so-silent faulty showerhead become an integral part of our commode cacophony.

The muffled sounds of squeaky Adidas slippers and the occasional cracked knuckle are the cherries on top of a small slice of a great time shared with a new found friend.

The fluorescent lights characterize the room with photo-ready shadows; still, clean, and crisp. The patterns in the tile turn into smiling faces, weary from the constant travels of bare or covered feet.

The opened window leads to a dark and almost secretive realm. Shadier than the palm trees on the Aviators. Two smiling pairs of socks give life to such a still place. The smooth “swoosh” sound of each liberated exhale only adds to the serenity of an unlikely location. The occasional shifting of positions accents the still air with such cotton-soft grace, not even a professional musician could replicate it.

Two opposing mirrors reflect this moment and turn it into an infinite image. Curly hair, pajamas, faucet handles, and the occasional gnat.

Hushed giggles mixed with covered smiles and a stretchy rubber band complete the scene. And to think, this moment began with two toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a sink. 


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