To Sing

All I need is a voice

Do I even need that? 

All i need is a mind

And some feet

just to tap

A few lyrics to sing

Is that really all i need?

No, all i eed is a tune

Or a simple melody

All I need is a mic

Actually that's not true

All I need is a though

Something to hold on to

You wanna know what i need?

All i need is to sing

Or even just to hum

Or just to think about singing

Hell, I don't even need a song!

All I need is to sing

To be my own song

Just wildin' and free stylin'!

Where I can't go wrong

There's no one else in the world

Nothing matters when i'm singing

Cause' i'm in my own world

Where I create all the meaning

From one note, to a song, to an entire symphony!

It doesnt matter what it s

Cause all I need is to sing




All I need is to sing

That's it, that's all, 

Theres nothing else

All I need is to sing

And all that takes is myself.



I love to sing. That's it, that's all

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