Sinful Saint


Don’t be fooled by the innocent

Smile that’s been glued on

This face, papier-mâchéd with scraps

Of porcelain and love

Poems and kindness

Around a cage of demands

To be pure.

The stitches of moral conviction

Are never as tight as they seem.


If you ask, I may just

Let you unlace the demure gauze

Enveloping my being from the

Voyeurs set on degradation.


Unbutton my propriety

Unzip my manners

Pull off my gentleness

Unhook my shyness

Slide off my restraint

Leave nothing but my

Naked, primal desire.


A writhing body of

Brazen sin and

Uninhibited passion

Plays across the

Slickness of your skin.

Trails of red


Moans of satisfaction.


The craving for ecstasy

Is insatiable.

Teasing, pleasing, releasing

Molten fire licking

Up your flushing neck.

Willpower succumbs

To whispered yearnings

And darkest fantasies.


But as you drift in the

Numbing afterglow

I pick up the bits

Of my very carefully

constructed façade

strewn around the room

dress myself in my veneer

of societal expectations.


So don’t you dismiss the

Good girl

That stands before you

Like a parent’s wet dream.

For you have no idea just how


I can be.


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