From Sin We Have Come from And In Sin We Remain.


United States
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Newton Connecticut this ones for you/
for all the lost families who struggled to see it through/
i pray to god that the angels be with you and this american tragedy/
no one could believe this was happening so now we offer our hands to help you from the raggedy/
ruins he left you in at the palms of sin/
how could someone be so vile all the while you never did nothing and he stole your innocence/
took away the american family and left those close to sorrow/
never to see a tomorrow quite the same and to live in agony how low/
must we dip to get a grip that this isn't gonna change/
unless we step out of our pride and take a small chance and engage/
the mourning and actually let the sun rise rather than seek shade/
let our darkness fade away and together a new USA could be made/
but yet again this is a long shot/
and from the eyes of the blind this a long shot/
Charlotte Daniel Olivia and Josephine/ Ana Dylan Madeleine Jesse Catherine and Emilie/
Chase Grace and James Jack Noah and Caroline/
Jessica Avielle Benjamin and Allison/
Lauren Mary Victoria Anne Rachel and Dawn/
i don't care if its a long shot for them it should've been drawn/
the line should've been laid rather then the price that was paid/
for the future we lost the its time that a new era be made/
stop the rage and death in the land of the free we should be life inept/
we should excel in living and stay living so lets come together rather than forget/
where we came from

From sin we have come from and in sin we remain,

flint city michigan this one for you/
saginaw and detroit city this ones for you/
what ever happened to the prosperity that you once brought/
because now looking at you all I'm seeing is the land of the lost/
but come back again and be known more than the cities of death/
in the state of debt in the country that once conquered but now falls in wreck/
cant you stand tall on high ground rather then lay more graves in the soil/
because pushing daisies ain't difficult or profitable work in these small cities of royal/
renowned killers, drug dealers, and sex pillars/
your foundation is corrupt and enough to hold the worlds sins like pie fillers/
bitter sweet but yet you devour like its the last meal/
but jesus christ must be vomiting knowing he died for your society/
still for some reason he cares because your still standing there/
in spite of your nature he cares and whether not you believe it he is there/
so i dare you to see him greet him meet him feed him/
starve the world to create peace and promote revolution/
because the way that your turning now it's turning out in the wrong side/
so i guess it depends on whether you wanna be remember at what time/
one time is consist and its now/
so lets change the now for the future so instead of in shame we look back proud/

From sin we have come from and in sin we remain.


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