Simply You


     The memories burn bright, illuminating my soul and keeping me up in the night. Your boisterous yet inspiriting voice dances around in my mind by choice. My eyes lock in yours and I know you've found your way through my heart's doors. Your enigmatic stares are bound in misconception by someone who sincerely cares. I'm amidst many, but seen by few, I love that my existence is mainly acknowledged by none other than you! As you pursue your passions and live your life, I watch and occasionally wonder what it would be like to be your wife. I pray ardently for you all the time that you would seek God and someday find your beautiful partner in crime. God knows who it is so I won't jump to conclusions, for now I'm happy my relationship status is still in seclusion. Say we never marry and are torn asunder by the world, I'll still pray for you but my life will then be unfurled. For now...I love you...there I said it. I can't look at a mob of people without seeing your tall, handsome frame, nor can I think straight when I hear your name. You leave me breathless with your gentle, tender manner, I just want to cheer obnoxiously for you and lift a ginormous banner. When you watch out for me and notice me above all, you better watch yourself and be ready to catch me if I fall.


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