Simply to show

Childhood prepares us for the dawning of reality,

Scooby doo portrays the crooks as normal people ,

Simply to show ,

Courage the Cowardly dog shows initiative,

Simply to show  , (that we’ve had reference to it all our lives.)

Spongebob Squarepants shows a setting in a workplace,

Simply to show,

The Jetsons shows technological advances ,

Simply to show ,

Hey Arnold represents poverty in suburbia,

Simply to show,

Powerpuff girls encourage modification of normality,

Simply to show,

Dexter’s Laboratory demonstrates intelligence in kids,

Simply to show,

Cat and Dog explains that difference is superficial,

Simply to show,

To show that life is a journey that should be thoroughly lived,

Lived from birth ,

Until you as an individual may conduct your own lessons of life.


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