Simply Extraordinary

My Life is not simple

my life is not extraordinary

for it is stressful

for it is loving

for it is pain

my life has meaning


Everyone has meaning

People don't make it simple

dance makes it extraordinary

people & work makes it stressful

I am loving

but inside it's pain


you might have pain

but there is a meaning

no one's life is simple

if you work it will be extraordinary

I know at times life is stressful

but someone out there is loving


I can be loving

so why do people fill me with pain

I have meaning

it isn't that simple

you can be that extraordinary

you make things stressful

isn’t this stressful

why can't you be loving

why do you fill lives with pain

why do you think we don't have meaning

why do you feel life is simple

why don't you believe it can be extraordinary


everyone & everything is & can be extraordinary

everything doesn't have to be stressful

you know you can be loving

you don't have to live with pain

your life has meaning

but you make it simple

your simple | I’m extraordinary

you live stressful | I live loving

you live with pain | I live with meaning


I can't change how you think , how you act , how you live but I can change how I think , how I act how I live , and I am SImply Amazing

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