A Simple Wish.


The blood stains

of true love

promises the skin

that one day

they will dominate

themselves once more.


yet so perfect

that it doesn't matter 

if your eyes turn

from brown to gray-

your heartbeat that pulsates

within your chest, 

me being close to you as

their speed increases rapidly,

scream as loud as they 

possibly can,

accepting my presence.

My lungs betray me,

stalling at the sight of you-

you have the art 

of an assassin,

your lips are

what kills me, 

each time we take

the chance.

You echo a brilliance

I cannot describe, 

I can only immerse myself

into the river 

of my tears,

just to take part

into something that I,

myself, do not quite understand.

Like a never-ending waterfall filled

to the brim with 

infectious kisses,

I only lust after love, 

a necassary feeling 

that's driven by a certain dignity-

as we dance between the veins 

within our perfections. 



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