Simple Pleasures

We all have days that bring us down

Ones that cause us to wear a frown

This is a part of life and growing up - 

Learning to face the world’s hiccups.


To overcome sadness, anger, or dread

You have to force yourself out of bed

Find what makes you feel joy and peace

And all negative emotions are sure to cease


I personally love a freshly made bed,

And a nice, hot shower, leaving skin red

A cup of coffee warms my heart

And those are just a few to start


Spending time with beloved friends

With who fun and laughing never ends

Is a great way to improve your mood

And get rid of a negative attitude


Serving others adds to the soul

And gives back to the community as a whole

Whether you volunteer, donate, or simply smile

It always pays to go the extra mile


Sometimes, a treat is an absolute must

Ice cream, cookie dough, in cravings we trust

Any kind of dessert helps to make life sweet

And ensures that the bad times are definitely beat


Cuddling with pets is a surefire way

To add color to a black and white day

Man’s best friend never fails to assist

when you are unexplainably pissed


Finally, my mother always knows best

And helps my feel much less stressed

I can talk to her about anything I need

And she gives great advice at an amazing speed


Basically, anything can make you feel good

It just takes practice, as anything would

Simple pleasures are often at the top

Of things to make a bad day stop.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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