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            It’s about making a silly face at each other in the middle of our mom’s discussion.  It’s about traditions.  It’s about our own sweet traditions of having a sleepover every “holiday eve.”  We climb into bed and watch a movie with a mandatory chocolate bar for each of us.

            It’s about the sibling bickering when you make up moments later. It’s about moments.  It’s when our favorite song comes on the radio, and we sing it at the top of our lungs.  It’s about being there for her when she has no one else. It’s about sharing secrets.

            There is something so familiar about being together.  The smell of classic, homemade German pancakes builds a picture of our relationship.  It’s the contest of “how many pancakes can you eat?” that morning.  It’s her unique personality, but it reflects much of mine.  Yet in so many ways, we are extremely different.

           It’s that something that no one else has: the way she looks at me and knows just what I am thinking.  It’s the times when we say the exact same thing at the exact same time, and then laugh about it together.  It’s about the memories that we will tell our own children who hopefully will have sisters too.  It’s about perfectness in its own crazy way.  It’s about being sisters.

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