Silver Serpent


United States
32° 38' 18.6468" N, 117° 3' 42.318" W

You beckon to me
Like a lighthouse beckons
To a ship long lost at sea.

You fills these chambered walls with dread,
Calling in the darkness,
Where few men dare to tread.

You sing your lullaby,
With sweet mourning,
A broken song ended in a sigh.

You wait for me,
Waiting for me to take you out,
You can feel my pulse beating a steady thrum.

I stare into your eyes,
Cold and metal,
But holding promising lies.

You slither across my skin,
Gently hissing your tune,
To reap me of my sin.

I welcome your cold, icy touch,
It’s a welcome relief,
From the stories she’s told.

You wraps around my thigh,
Purring with glee,
As you unhinge your jaw to feast,

Teeth, sinking in,
Shredding the flesh,
Stretching me thin.

I watch the wound tear,
Scarlet waters fall like ribbons,
Pale skin contrast to the pink,

You bite into me a second time,
Teeth painfully sharp,
I cringe my eyes shut,

More nips, more bites,
You pounce,
Taking long, luxurious sips.

I do not push you away,
But welcome the pain,
To stop the fighting upstairs, I let my mind drift astray.

You tire as my legs lose their color,
Belly full with my flavors,
The pain scorches through me like fire.

I put you away,
And push down the hem of my shorts,
To cover the wounds from prying eyes.

You will make another attempt; call to me once more,
Drawing my attention,
Begging me to repent.

Until then, here I stay,
In this desolation, in which is no home,
No longer the place I lay.

I will listen to their screams,
Until the agony is too much to bare
And I’m reopening the seams.

You are my friend,
My companion in this broken time,
You are the silver serpent,


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