Silver Savior


United States
34° 3' 55.206" N, 118° 14' 38.0076" W

She sprints into the barren room.
Sad tears stream down her face.
She wonders, “Can I not just live,
And win this lifelong race”

Reaching for her silver savior
“I am alone, alone.”
And with that said she becomes one
Pushing it down to the bone.

A gasp of pain, a sigh of relief,
Lasting just one moment.
She is at peace for just right now.
Finally void of comments

Now dropping her silver savior
“I am alone, alone.”
She knows now that will never change.
For she is on her own.

She attempts to compose herself
And tries to hide the signs.
Longing for her silver savior,
Longing for her next high.

She tries to join the perfect world
The one that they all know
But she is left on the outside.
Forever all alone.


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