The Silver Lining

People find it in religion.

People lose it in the bottom of a bottle.

People can't seem to place it.

People try to keep it.


When life is coming to an end, people want to hold on to it.

When life is starting with first breath, people are filled with it.

When life is a living hell, people who are strong count on it.

When life is all good and well, people seem to forget they have it.



We need it.

We forget it.

We long for it.

We hold on to it.

We look for it when things get hard.

When things get hard we begin to lose it.

When we begin to lose it, the world grows dark.

As the world grows dark, we give up.

I'm losing grip on who I am.

Now all I see is darkness.

I am alone.

I need it.



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Our world
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