The Silver Cord of Friendship

The silver cord of friendship
Runs all throughout one's life
And strings together people:
Their souls with all their strife
It weaves a precious fabric
So delicate, unseen
And as it's underlayment
Love is the go-between
For truly makes no dif'rence
If old friend or a new
When hearts are knit together,
And kinship is the glue
A moment spent together
While time is held at bay:
Becomes a saving lifeline
To cheer a heart that's grey
The silver cord is strengthened
As life's events unfold
The tie that binds together
Will turn in time to gold
by David C Rogers

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From silver to gold wow a fabulous rhyming poem to the cord of friendship, creatively done so poetic. Ah I have no lady friends coz most are jealous of me and I'm not allowed by hubby to have make friends so I'm friendless. Kudos.


Thank you for your kind words. I understand the friendship dilemma. This makes true friends even more valuable. To prevent friendship is equivalent of preventing breathing or life. You are always welcome to share a poem greatlakes.entries gmail

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