Silly Little Things

They're just silly little things 

So why do we care when they crack?

Why does it matter so much

That we would pay to get them back?


They're just silly little things

Of no importance at all.

So why do we rely on them so much

If they bring us to our downfall.


They're just silly little things

With their buttons and their lights.

They show all the mean comments

That started all those mean fights.


They're just silly little things

Can't you see it now?

When you look all around you

And no one stops to think: How?


How have we got here?

How do we not care?

How did this happen?

How is it thought fair?


They're just silly little things

But why are they valued so much?

Why are we always near them

Why do we consider them our crutch?


So the next time you find yourself in this spot

Think about what you should do or even should not.

Don't pay attention to the texts, the alerts, or the "dings."

Because after all, don't you realize how silly are these things?

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Our world
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