Silent Affirmations

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 17:11 -- Zara96


United States
41° 52' 24.132" N, 87° 39' 2.5704" W

 Passing by those I do not know

And those I wish to never know

A packed bus never fails to amuse

So much decay is put on display

Dripping from every pore

Ugly and deceptive to the core

I sit with my eyes peering down at the floor

Like a child who has done wrong In the hopes of masking my disgust

I constantly try to adjust because

Two women are on either side of me

I am graced with their feminine auras

On my left sits an attractive blonde

On my right sits an attractive brunette

Both glued to their phones

And detached from the world before them

I glance up- awkwardly faced with the result of gluttony

A woman stands exhibiting a backside so massive

Like an elephant wrapped tightly in a blanket

Everyone notices- but tries damn hard not to look

I slowly turn my attention to my IPod

And contemplate what song will ease my aggravation

Metallica or Whitechapel?

I adamantly choose Of Mice and Men

The bus gets crowded again

Filled with sweat and decay

“I’ve held my tongue for far too long

This silence kills me”.


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