I lay at night staring at the sky, trying to remember the words he spoke
Trying to find shapes and words in the stars
But there is nothing, all is silent
Not a single word is spoken
Sound ceases to exist, it has disappeared from my life entirely
Almost like you

So I stare at the blinding flames, the flickering candles
I cant sleep tonight

But not all is bad
Everything tastes of lilies today
The sweet serenade like a spoonful of sugar to my bitter heart
Making me momentarily forget these feelings of loss and hurt
The shadows are too long these days, the conversations too short
I've been walking backwards, over the cracks in the pavement
Over the cracks of my weak and overly-hopeful heart

I am running out of ink, running out of thoughts and dreams
The more I try to catch up, the farther he gets away from me
Waiting for the mail that never comes, while the rain continues to pour
Waiting for something that will never come
Until then, all remains quiet
While you remain silent

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