Once I was five years old and everything was alive 

My toys, the walls, the chairs -even spoons and knives 

I believed that I could hear them -  I was never given a choice 

Although I must admit - they always spoke with my voice 

My favorite friend of all was a soft white bear 

I named him snowball- you’d never see a closer pair

Me and him-we traveled across uncharted lands 

Him and me-we talked for hours walking hand in hand 

Hours turned to Days and Days turned to Years  

I gave away my other toys, willingly - no tears 

Recently I found him -curled up into a ball 

Alone without his friends -my heart began to fall 

I stared at his friendly eyes- begging him to speak 

Only hearing silence- my imagination  weak

Everyday I look at him-not ready to say goodbye 

Hoping against hope-I’ll see the twinkle in his eye 

 Deep down I know-that he will never speak again, 

I might have gained in wisdom-but I lost my best friend. 

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