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Mind focused, alert, strong
As an ox plowing the field.
Called life breaking your back
Fixing, covering up, and tending to the gardens needs
Not once stopping for a break
You step in the sweltering sun
Beating you on the back with it's cat of nine tails
Slowing your breath, waters pouring out from within
Still trekking along not losing sight of what's in front of you
Not wondering how long it will take
What lies in your path on the way to the other side
All you see is the end of the field
You make it
Looking back, you admire your work but
Not being done you suit up
Ready for another go at the plow.
Moving, stern, determined, steadfast
Not once thinking of what's behind you
Not taking your eyes off the other side.
Not wondering what's to the left
To the right
Left, up, nor what's below.
Just what's in front, your steely gaze
not once taking your goal from your vision.
Silently, you concentrate.
Cancelling everything that is a distraction around you.
Silence, is louder than any audible cry


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