What would people do if there were no signs in the world?

Fortunately, there are many useful traffic signs on the roads.

Stop signs, speed limit signs, pedestrian crossing signs, bus stop signs, etc.

In a no-parking zone we see, “No parking between these signs.”

At the gas station there is a sign that says, “No smoking or naked light.”

This one is easy to notice, “No cameras or camcorders allowed.”

Businesspersons put that sign on the wall or glass in cambios.


There are signs and symbols on some buildings, especially business places.

Sale signs, price tags, and safety instructions to name a few.

Here is a popular one, “Caution wet floor! ¡Cuidado piso mojado!”

We see that sign when someone mops the floor at a public place.

“Keep out of reach of children” is printed on the labels of medical products.

The sign on the gate of the power plant says, “Warning High Voltage!”

Pay attention to signs because they are important and helpful.

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