Side Line

This tale is true and mine.It tells when everything seems perfect but can change in a blink of an eye. Remembering how my heart beats every time while I am touching the ball, the field. Hearing every step I am taking and feeling, my body movement flowing like the wind and breathing heavily. Adrenaline, ambition, anger is felt on the field and you can hear the breathing, the heart beating from every player like breathing drums. Everything changes when you step on that field. You feel free, fearless, fantastic because you know you are there to win and show that you are the big dog who protects not only the goal but your teammates because they are family. But everything changes when you wake up from that dream.Remembering the moments you had on that field and feeling unstoppable, undefeated, unique in every way. Now standing on the side lines watching, wishing that you are dreaming and hoping this is just a nightmare but thisis called reality. This is where super human powers can help but you will only find them in fairy tales. You have to live life, go through obstacles and fight back that pain and go through the bumpy road to reach your goal. Pain makes you stronger and if you fall again and again have the strength to pick yourself up and fight life back to be able to accomplish the road you are making for your self, to get closer to that pot of gold that is waiting for you at the end of the life-road. My faith was o the palms of my God, praying that someday I can smell the fresh cut grass, feeling the earths breath touch my natural skin, hearing the ball movement going through every inch of grass. God will help me keep my head up and will give me energy to finish that unfinished road where at the end I will be able to put on my polished, personalized, powerful cleats that will help ne step on that magical soccer-field and leave the side lines.  

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