Shy, timid, quiet

Shy, timid, quiet:

I averted my eyes and crossed my fingers

Hoping you wouldn't call on me.

Twenty nine other students,

I thought.

The probability of being called on is

one out of thirty, 1/30.

I have been paying attention.

See? A notebook filled with pertinent information and thoughts I am too scared to voice.

Heart racing, palms sweating,

We have made eye contact.

I am smart; I really am.

But I have social anxiety.

I panic when twenty nine, no thirty, pairs of eyes focus on me.

I stutter and stammer.

Words stumble out of my mouth. My face blushes. The room suddenly increases in temperature.

I swear I can hear what other students are thinking...

Slowing sinking further and further in my seat, I grimace...

All I want is to get through the day

Unnoticed and invisible.

I am smart; I really am.



I loved it, I can totally relate. It's as if you took how I feel and wrote it down.

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