Shut it down -shut it down -shut it down.....Like angry children on a play ground....Refusing to meet on common ground....Shut it down -shut it down - shut it down....Leaders of our country refusing to debate....These our the people in charge of our counties fate....Shut it down -shut it down -shut it down..Do they realize how ignorant they sound...To stop our country dead in it's tracks....And carry others on our backs....Shut it down -shut it down- shut it down....Pout ting like spoiled children that can't get it's way....After losing by the rules they all agreed to obey....Shut it down -shut it down - shut it down.....Land of the free home of the brave...And we can't even honor those who made it this way...They block access to our monuments and visits to the ones under ground....Just to be manipulating they shut it down....Shut it down -shut it down -shut it down....We don't need people like this leading us around....So next time they canvass the streets in your town...And ask for your vote  Shut them down -shut them down -shut them down.....

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