Should've been friends (a dose of honesty)

This will not be another poem about how my heart is so broken, how lost I feel, the pathetic string of hope I'm secretly holding on to, or how I've been numbing myself just so I won't have to feel the emptiness. This wont be a poem about how I'll never be the same, how I hate myself for still loving you even though I know you don't love me back, or how the memories replay in my mind 24/7 and no one knows it ...this is not a poem done in an effort to nurse my wounds or a whoa is me. This is a dose of honesty, not to take full responsibility, but an acceptance of the part I played in the tragedy that is you and I will never know what we could've been. We should have just been friends. We should have done all that corny shit first, had all of those long pointless conversations , should've really gotten to know each other to the bone, even though we'd probably forget half of the things we discussed. We should've played cat and dog for a while longer, you should've known that you could've came to me for anything, I shouldn't have had to jump through hoops just to prove it, I shouldn't have fell so quick, but you shouldn't have let me. I wanted to be your everything, you shouldn't have come to me if you weren't ready, we shouldn't have let all this potential go up in smoke. We should've just been you think that would have made a difference?


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