Shots Fired

Bullets are flying

And people are dying.

Mothers are crying

While their angels are flying.


Shots fired.

I repeat,

Shots fired.


Blood is falling.

Children are bawling.

Bullets are ricocheting

Off the walls.


One bullet,

Two bullets,

Three bullets.


Kids getting gunned downed

Bodies being found

Blood is pooling on the ground

Can’t hear because of all the sound


One dead,

Two dead,

Three dead.


No one understands

Why blood had to be poured on this land,

Why kids had to die at someone’s hand

We don’t understand.


Why’d they have to die?

We ask again,

Why’d they have to die?


Parents going to funerals,

People making murals,

People begging the federals

To change the rules.


They were too young

To fly to the sun,

They were too young.


So many protests

No one’s making arrests

Letters addressed

To the those who started this mess


Stop the violence.

Please we beg you,

Stop the violence.


We won’t let this happen any more,

You have no clue what’s in store,

This topic will not be ignored,

Listen to our roar.


No more shots!

We repeat,

No more shots!


This poem is about: 
Our world


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