They happen

They happen every year

Of every month

Of every week

Of every day

Of every hour

Of every minute

Some are small

Some are massacres

Something needs to change

Or one day

We will all be victims

Victims of something

Something that could have been prevented

This something can and should be stopped

Stopped forever

For eternity

So we don’t have to live in fear

Live in fear of stepping outside

And dying

We don’t have to have a gun

To be strong

And powerful

And mighty

We have our minds

Our words

And our actions

We have to turn

Turn our thoughts into words

And our words into actions

We need to change this behavior

Change it forever

We need gun control

We need very thorough background checks

We need this for everyone

For everyone’s well being

So we can live in peace

For the victims and the victims to be

These monsters need to be stopped

Stopped from killing

Killing many

And killing few

Shootings can be prevented.


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