Shine. Sparkle. Glitter. Gleam.

My name is Lauren and I have a really crazy dream.

Someday I’ll become an actress, but I have a lot of time in-between.

For instance, right now I’m in college busy earning my degree.

It’s a lot of late nights that requires caffeine.


But I have a talent that is unseen.

I work really hard and I’m still a teen!

My plan is simple and clean.

Graduate in 2017.


Audition everywhere for scenes,

And someday, I’ll make it on the big screen!

That is my dream and it doesn't seem to leave.

I just need one moment and chance to be seen.


This is my future, the job I dream.

 I hear of people giving dreams up, but not me, I will not wean.

I have a goal, a plan, or maybe it’s a good-willed scheme.

Someday I will make it, I’ll sparkle and gleam.


I’ll use my work for good, in ways unforeseen.

I’ll make new friends and help them (no matter how silly and obscene).

I want to make people happy and see nobody be mean.

With their support I’ll complete my dream.


Using my personal shine is something that’s built into me like a machine.

It’s something within my system to never demean.

I will stay strong to my schooling, my friends, and my dream.

Without a doubt I will shine, sparkle, glitter and gleam.


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