Shes just a girl

Sat, 08/17/2013 - 15:08 -- evonygr


She's just a girl
full of dreams and hopes
imagination as big as texas
daddys little princess

Now she's a teen
inspiring to be a lawyer
best test scores hundreds of scholarship offers
number one in her class
confidence and determination flows through her

Its graduation year and she's valedictorian
full ride scholarship to any university in the sunshine state
one week away and she walks that grand stage
diploma in hand big smile on her face

Tonight she decides to hang with some friends
only wanting to forget about all the pressure and
daelines on her shoulders for one night
she gets in her brand new car she recieved for an early graduation gift
drving off into the starless night

Hours later her worried parents wait up
she has never broken curfew
calls from the police sends her mother in tears and despreate shivers
one night out and her little girl was gone forever
at the hands of a drunk driver

Honor roll student and soon to be lawyer put six feet under ground
it seems like only the day before she was learning to walk
her laughter cheering up everyone in the room
her dream as ended never to sprout to life
in the end shes just a girl


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